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Member Monday - 1993 Porsche 964 America Roadster

Member Monday is a new feature that will highlight a member’s Porsche that is garaged at Air Brigade.

Porsche 964
1993 Porsche America Roadster

This week’s Porsche is a 1993 964 America Roadster owned by Buck in the Asheville, North Carolina area. This Raspberry Red Metallic 964 was purchased in Koln, Germany. Raspberry Red is a very rare color and when his wife looked down from the hotel balcony to see the car she exclaimed: “You bought a pink car!” Buck responded: “It’s not pink!” Since that first day, Buck has called his car Not Pink and has the license plate stating it.

Raspberry Red Metallic is given a 5 rating at the PCA Porsche paint database. Five is the rarest of the rare rating.

In addition to the rare paint it is applied to an America Roadster of which only one of 250 were made. An America Roadster was a 964 model 911 cabriolet produced in 1992 and 1993 with a Turbo body. It has the same driveline as a 964C2 but its fender flares, brakes, suspension and wheels were Turbo-spec equipment.

This 964 America Roadster has a full leather interior with a Tiptronic transmission and 18” chrome wheels. It has a carbon fiber air box and a GT2 Evo front strut bar.

Not Pink was shipped to North Carolina from Germany in 2000 and is now seen regularly cruising the Blue Ridge Mountain roads with top-down and a grin on Buck’s face.

Porsche 964 Raspberry Red
Buck's America Roadster Top Down

This 964 America Roadster was one of the first air-cooled Porsches to start a garage on the Air Brigade web site and appear on the Brag Board™. The Brag Board™ provides Air Brigade members with the opportunity to show off the cars in their garage to other members with key information regarding the Porsche. Air Brigade members have full access to the specs on the car, while non-members are able to view one photo only in the members Air Brigade online garage.

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