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How Paint Colors Affect Porsche Value

It is interesting to note that Porsche owners seem to buy one set of colors when the car is new and want a different set when buying classic.

By far the most popular Porsche paint colors have to be Black, Silver, White and if a color is added Guards Red. This trend is consistent with the overall new car market. PPG reports that white are the most popular car color among all brands followed by black, silver and gray. Red is popular among Sports Cars while white is the popular choice for luxury vehicles. In fact white, black and silver paints are used on over 60% of all cars, so the desirability of these three colors is not unique to just Porsche owners.

White, Silver and Black Porsches may be the priority in the new car market but it isn’t necessarily true with Classic Porsches. One of a kind color Porsches are bought quickly in the resale market and often for a premium price. At most Porsche gatherings color is often a first topic among owners when a unique color Porsche rolls onto the show field or arrives at the driving event.

It is interesting to note that even reports that offbeat colors such as yellow and orange depreciate less than other more traditional colors. The one color iSeeCars reports to stay away from is gold as the depreciate more and stay on the market longer. Gold is not a big Porsche color so most owners don’t have to worry.

It is interesting to note that many Air Brigade members report that they looked for a unique color for their Classic Porsche but found the purchase process difficult as the unique color cars sold too quick to react or at a premium price that they weren’t willing to pay.

My personal opinion on Porsche colors is that when you are buying a Classic Porsche you are already making a statement so you probably want to extend this to the color to stand out and have eyes drawn to your car.

In response to this phenomenon Porsche Club of America (PCA) introduced a new online color tool in 2019 that catalogs all Porsche colors and rates them as to their uniqueness on a scale of one to five paint cans. The site reports that there are 499 colors reported by Porsche owners.

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