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Happy Birthday Ferry Porsche.

Porsche 911 Carrera, Porsche 356
Celebrating Ferry Porsche's BIrthday | Image David Linton

Air Brigade celebrated Ferry Porsche’s birthday with a drive and picnic that brought out 12 Classic Porsches with 21 drivers and navigators on a rainy misty day. It was great to see some of the early Porsche 356’s that started it all come out even with the threatening weather.

In addition to the 356’s the drive had a full assortment of 911’s including Charlie’s 1972 911T braving the weather without its Targa top since it is out for repairs, a couple of Carrera 3.2’s, a Porsche 964 and new members Dennis and Linda debuting their Porsche 993 Coupe to the roads of North Carolina. Peter and Claudia represented the 912 model with good old Rusty. Unfortunately none of the Air Brigade 914’s were on the road today.

Ferry Porsche Birthday, Drive Your Porsche Day
Porsche Carrera 3.2, Porsche 356B, Porsche 964, Porsche 356B Cab and a Porsche 912

The drive started in Hendersonville with a little later departure than normal as a shorter drive was planned. The drive started out traveling through the Apple Orchards of Hendersonville before a left turn took the conga-line of Porsches up and over Bearwallow Mountain. It was a series of twists and turns that had the navigators holding on for dear life and wishing that they had taken their Dramamine that morning. Here is a video of a section of the drive:

All was good though as we left the mountains and ended the rolling pastures of Fairview driving the Commander’s favorite Sunday morning drive route since we were in his backyard. The wide sweeping curves of Fairview were more favorable to the four-cylinder Porsches while the flat-sixes of the 911’s carved the twists and turns climbing the mountains.

The group finished the drive at the picnic pavilion of Southcliff Estates where members David and Suzi had the area set up with tables, chairs and set tables. Linda joined the group with the Mercedes “Chuck Wagon” bringing in deli sandwiches from Troyer’s Amish Market and a chocolate Birthday cake to celebrate Ferry Porsche’s birthday.

After lunch David suggested we needed to commemorate the event with a photo opp so we drove up Cedar Mountain to about 3,500’ above the clouds with the remaining eight of us for a magical moment group photo showing Ferry’s wonderful creations with god’s wonderful creations of the Blue Ridge Mountains.

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