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Fuel for Your Air-Cooled Porsche: Part 2

In July 2021 Air Brigade looked at the value of Ethanol fuel use in your Air-Cooled Porsche with the conclusion based on Porsche Classic recommendation that ethanol-free gas should be used in your pre-1996 Air-Cooled Porsche.

Air-Cooled Porsche Gas & fuel
Ethanol-Free Gas is Recommended for Your Air-Cooled Porsche

The big question was finding ethanol-free gas with the proper octane rating and with the Top Tier rating so that you could be sure proper detergents was added for engine cleanliness and performance. In North Carolina a popular option is Quality Plus as they offer a 93-octance gas, but the brand does not have the Top Tier certification.

Air Brigade had reached out to Quality Plus to inquire about if additive detergents are added to their premium ethanol-free gasoline option. Quality Plus never answered the inquiries. However, one day Air Brigade had their ’68 911HR (pictured above) at the local Quality Plus when a gentleman wondered over to look at the car. It turns out he was a Quality Plus Corporate executive on station field checks and just happened to be at the station when the Porsche Hot Rod rolled in.

Air Brigade took the opportunity to inquire about added detergents and the Top Tier rating. According to this executive, Quality Plus has an additive package in their ethanol-free premium gas. Quality Plus does not have the Top Tier certification because of the cost involved with lab certification of the fuel relative to demand for Top Tier Premium ethanol. It is similar to food certification where obtaining an “organic” certification can be costly, so some producers label as “natural” instead.