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Why does a Porsche 911SC Sell for $60,000 instead of $45,500?

Updated: Mar 19, 2021

What drives a Porsche 911SC price up to $50,000 instead the market norm of $35,000? Bring-a-Trailer (BAT) currently has just such an offering in a 1982 Porsche 911SC in Pewter Metallic over black leather.

While searching the BAT Porsche listings, this Porsche 911SC jumps off the page for its unique and great color, and terrific photographic presentation. These are probably the two primary reasons why any car, or Porsche is going to bring a premium at an auction or in the open market.

Porsche Buyers look for the unique colors from an appearance standpoint and from their rarity. Often colors may not have been popular when offered new, but now they are in demand because of low numbers and bringing a sense of color nostalgia to an seventies or eighties Porsche.

The seller describes the color of this Porsche as Pewter Metallic though the PCA color site doesn’t list a Pewter Metallic, but does list a Platinum Metallic that appears to be the same color. The rarity is only two paint cans on the Rennbow scale of one to five paint cans. It is not the most rare color but it presents very well.

When you add a great presentation of car through photography and full disclosure that indicates that it was a well maintained car that is in top shape you have a Porsche that will sell for 10% or more over market value.

Porsche 911SC for Sale
Porsche 911SC for Sale in Rare Color

A good example is this 1982 911SC currently on BAT. The initial comments were all focused on the color that only could have been conveyed through some terrific photography. Digging into the car you then discover it is low miles (51,000) for the age of the car, has long-term ownership and appears to have been well maintained.

The car is currently bid to $41,911 with six days left in the auction. It is most likely that this Porsche 911SC will sell in the range of $55-$60,000. The Sports Car Market price guide lists a 1982 SC median price as $45,500 so the seller is looking at gaining a 20-30% premium worth $10-15,000 on this offering.

In delving deeper into the listing there appears to be five key reasons for this Porsche 911SC selling for up to $15,,000 over the market price.

  1. Great and Unique Color: Pewter Metallic over black leather

  2. Low Miles: 51,000 reported original miles

  3. Good Presentation with Full Disclosure: Beautiful and comprehensive photo file with full disclosure about the car from a respected seller

  4. Quality Car: Recent maintenance is disclosed along with a PPI and a clean CarFax report

  5. Long term ownership: Two owner car with original owner enjoying the car until 2018 before the second owner acquired it and then the dealer.

1982 Porsche 911SC

This 911SC was sold on Bring-a-Trailer for $73,500.

  • Pewter Metallic (Plantinum Metallic as reported by

  • Black Leather

  • 3.0-liter with 5-speed transaxle

  • 51,000 miles

  • Extensive 2018 service

Porsche 911SC for Sale
Pewter Metallic Porsche 911SC for Sale on Bring-a-Trailer

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