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Five Affordable Porsche Classics to Watch at the Monterey Auctions

August brings the biggest US car event on the calendar with th Pebble Beach Concours, the Laguna Seca historic races and five major major collector car auctions held within a four day period. These auctions set the tone for the collector car markets that point to rising values or dropping values.

Air-cooled Porsches prices have been on a tear the past few years making ownership difficult for all but the long time owners and wealthy collectors. Prices have steadied off and in some cases dropped. This year’s auctions will be a key barometer as to what is happening with classic Porsche prices.

I have chosen five Porsches to watch that are significant for the Porsche enthusiast market of collectors want to experience a Classic Porsche air-cooled model. There will always be the unicorn model that fetches six figures plus, but these models will generally allow the Porsche Classic enthusiast to enter the market.