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Is the Porsche 912 the Ultimate Entry Level Air-Cooled Porsche?

If you have been thinking about buying an Air-Cooled Porsche, should you consider the Porsche 912 as the entry level into a Classic Air-Cooled Porsche?

Porsche 912 for sale
1969 Porsche 912 in Ossi Blue on PCarMarket

The Porsche 912 was the entry-level Porsche in 1965. It was introduced as the affordable Porsche entry, when Porsche brought the all-new six-cylinder Porsche 911 to market. The Porsche 912 used the flat-four 1600cc engine from the Porsche 356SC that was able to act as a transition to this all new car from the first Porsche, a 356.

Porsche 914 owners will say that the 914 introduced to replace the 912, is the best entry-level Air-Cooled Porsche, but it really comes down to your driving and style preferences. The 914 provides a mid-engine driving experience that is superior to the weighted rear-engine set-up of the 912, but there is something to be said for the classic Porsche rear-engine styling that defines Porsche and is still in use today.

Porsche 912 for Sale
Ossi Blue Porsche 912

This Ossi Blue Porsche 912 for sale on PCarMarket is a great starter/entry level option into the world of Air-Cooled Porsches. The car has a special color, rated at three paint cans out of five for highly rare on the color web site. It is in pretty good overall shape excepting a couple rust trouble spots.

It is currently bid up to $19,922 with two days left in the auction. It should probably sell in the range of $40,000 but with an auction on an attractive color Air-Cooled Porsche anything is possible.

So why should you consider the 912 for your entry into the Air-Cooled Porsche world?

1969 Porsche 912 for sale
The 912-preferred 5-guage dashboard

To start with its price; you’ll probably spend half of what you would for a comparable F-body 911. Beyond price savings you get the quality and styling of an F-body 911 but with easier maintenance, and with the lighter weight flat-four you get better balance and weight distribution that delivers better handling.

As Car and Driver described the 912 upon introduction, “it’s a 911 we all can afford to buy.” That is true today. This 912 will sell for around $40,000 that is half what most Air-Cooled 911’s is selling for in today’s market.

As you are carving the curves with this great handling, affordable Air-Cooled Porsche I doubt you’ll be missing the flat six of the 911. Air Brigade is a former 914 with a flat four and never did I feel I was missing something due to the cornering abilities a well balanced Porsche can provide.

Jalopnik sums up the Porsche 912 well: “It’s simply beautiful or is beautifully simple?

A Porsche 912 delivers a pure driving experience that is ideal for one’s entry into the World of Air-Cooled Porsches.

1969 Porsche 912

Bid to $19,922 with two days left in the auction

Porsche 912 for sale
1969 Porsche 912 on PCarMarket

  • Ossi Blue over black leatherette interior

  • 1600cc flat-four engine

  • 5-speed Manual

  • Long wheelbase model

  • Ansa exhaust

  • Retro-style digital radio

  • 20-year previous owner

  • 5-guage dashboard

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