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Valkyrie Run to Luftgekühlt 7 in Durham, NC

The air-cooled Porsche gathering, Luftgekühlt 7 being held in Durham, North Carolina this year is expanding to include a nationwide driving tour to the event.

The air-cooled Porsche drive to Luftgekühlt 7 is called the Valkyrie Run and is being managed by Wayland Motorsports, Joshy Robots and Luftgekühlt. Complete details are available at the event web site.

The Luftgekühlt cross-country drive starts in the west and drives east to Durham, North Carolina May 23-29, 2020. Drivers will start in regional packs and then meet-up on the main route with the larger caravan. It is a self-guided tour on public roads that will use a detailed Route Book to keep the group together.

Valkerie Run organizers claim it will be the largest Porsche road trip ever undertaken with an emphasis on twisties that Porsches were designed for. There will be transit sections to the drive where the Porsches will pound out the miles. However, special stages are being added for fun and adventure such as Pikes Peak and The Tail of the Dragon. It will be an endurance rally of up to seven 500-mile stages depending on your start point.

Air Brigade has registered for a Lone-Wolf Rally Pack at a cost of $175. There is also a Co-Drivers Rally Pack at a cost of $225 if you’re bringing a navigator. If you register after April 4 the cost jumps to $275. The packs include:

  • Detailed route book

  • Window decals and rally placard

  • Clipboard

  • Commemorative Grille Badge

  • Apparel

  • Reusable bottle

  • Designated Valkyrie paring at Luft 7

Air Brigade has the good fortune to be based in Asheville, North Carolina so we are not that far to Durham for Luftgekühlt but it does get us only on the tail-end of the Valkyrie Run.

The Air Brigade Plan is to drive west to hook up with the tour in Tennessee, possibly Memphis since it looks like there is a good set of driving from there to Asheville.

Hopefully Air Brigade will have a chance to meet you along the route.

See you on the Valkyrie Run!

Information about the Valkyrie Run drive to Luftgekühlt 7 in Durham, NC

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See you at Memphis!

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