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Driving Your Air-Cooled Porsche Rain or Shine

From the first day that the Air Brigade came together to drive and enjoy air-cooled Porsches, the mantra has always been “Drive Rain or Shine.” A recent drive to Roan Mountain from Asheville exemplified the mantra as we left Asheville in the Shine and arrived at Roan Mountain in the Rain.

Driving air-cooled Porsches in rain
Driving Air-Cooled Porsches Rain or Shine

Driving in the rain in the old air-cooled Porsches always present challenges. Drivers are dealing with the leaky floorboards of a Porsche 912 and 356, the dripping Targa roofs of Porsche 914’s and early 911’s or the less than adequate defroster and wipers of all the old Porsches.

A mix of nine air-cooled Porsches met just outside Asheville in Weaverville one partly sunny morning with the intention of driving to Roan Mountain on the North Carolina/Tennessee border to picnic and enjoy the blooming Rhododendron.

Driving Air-Cooled Porsches to Roan Mountain
Air-Cooled Porsche Drive to Roan Mountain

The Porsche drive started well with the cars falling into line as we headed to Burnsville via Beech Glen and Painted Fork roads. The temperature was tepid so no need for air-conditioning that is lacki