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Why the $20K Difference in Porsche 993 Prices?

Bring-a-Trailer has two Porsche 993’s for sale, one a 1996 4S in Arena Red and one a 1997 993 base model in Ocean Blue. Both feature gray leather interiors and have similar mileage of 50,000-60,000. Both would be classified as driver quality 993’s. The Arena Red 4S is currently trending at selling for $20,000 more than the Ocean Blue base model.

Porsche 993 for Sale
Porsche 993 Base Trim (top) & Porsche 993 4S (bottom) | Bring-a-Trailer

Why the $20,000 Difference?

Both cars sold or had a similar one sell in 2019 so this should indicate the final price to be expected; probably in the mid-$50,000 for the base model and in the mid-seventies for the 4S. This accounts for the projected $20,000 price difference. The Sports Car Market Price Guide indicates that a base model has a median price of $64,000 while a 4S has a median price of $104,000; a $40,000 price difference.

The biggest factor in the $20,000 price difference is that one offers 4-wheel drive with the S-package while the other one is a base model. I would also suggest that the Arena Red color might have a higher level of desirability than the Ocean Blue. Both rate as three paint cans as far as rarity on (Five paint cans being the most rare), but I believe Porsche buyers may prefer a “go-fast” red more than a subtle blue.

The 4S takes the bigger price hit being a driver quality model than the base model because buyers for the more powerful 4S are probably looking for a higher quality example than a driver. The base model will appeal to the entry-level air-cooled Porsche buyer who wants to experience air-cooled driving with some of the more modern conveniences offered in a 993. This buyer will not discount the car as much for driver attributes and the projected mid-$50,000’s sale price probably represents the low end of Porsche 993 pricing.

1997 Porsche 911 993 Coupe 6-Speed

Ocean Blue Metallic over Gray leather

Approximately 50,000 miles

Currently priced at $42,000

Auction ends today, December 22, 2020

Several dings are in the passenger door and left front fender

Blemishes are apparent in the right rear quarter panel

Some repaint has occurred on various panels

This same Porsche sold for $53,500 on BAT in June 2019

Sports car Market Price Guide shows a median price for this model of $64,000

1996 Porsche 911 993 Carrera 4S Coupe 6-Speed

Arena Red over Gray Leather

Approximately 60,000 miles

Currently priced at $60,993

Auction ends one day later than the 1997 Porsche 993; on December 23, 2020

  • January 1999 accident – specifics are not stated

  • Cracked dash

  • Offers the more powerful S-engine and 4wd

Sports Car Market Price Guide shows a median price for this model of $104,000

In July 2019 a similar Porsche 993 4S Coupe sold for $72,500

Final Porsche 993 Sales Results: After the two auctions close, the final pricing will be listed.

Porsche 993 for Sale
Porsche 993 Arena Red 4S (left) and Ocean Blue Base Trim (right)

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