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Get into Air-Cooled Porsches with this Driver Porsche 912

This 1966 Porsche 912 for sale on Bring a Trailer (BaT) offers a chance to enter the world of air-cooled Porsche ownership for what will probably be an affordable price. A quality Porsche 912 has a market median price according to Sports Car Market of $51,000. This offering on BaT is a driver and has some needs so it will probably sell in the $40,000’s.

Porsche 912 for Sale
1966 Porsche 912 for Sale on Bring a Trailer

Porsche 912 prices have been on a slow climb the last few years so it provides a new owner with the chance to do a little cleanup, deferred maintenance and enjoy the car and probably still get your money out of it.

This Porsche 912 is black over black leatherette with its matching numbers 1600cc engine and original four-speed manual transaxle. The car was originally Polo Red over black and had the color change about 15 years ago.

The current owner has enjoyed the car as the stone chips on the front end attest to the driving this baby has had. Unfortunately there are a few rust bubbles around the rear taillight and rust is apparent on the underbody. Selected weatherstripping has been replace in the past year.

The steel wheels with polished covers and colored Porsche crests provide a great period feel and look to the 912.

The interior needs some love as the driver’s door panel is not installed but is included in the sale and the driver’s seat padding should be replaced.

The odometer shows just less than 84K miles.

Thoughts on this Porsche 912

The headline says it all: if you want an entry into air-cooled Porsches this could be your chance if you are handy with a screwdriver and wrench. This car is definitely a driver so a new owner could just attend to the deferred maintenance and enjoy it with the dream of someday conducting the full restoration. It has the requisite provenance of matching numbers engine and transmission that makes it a viable restoration candidate. I suspect though that the new owner will drive, enjoy, fiddle with it and eventually sell it to an owner whose real intention is to restore and take the car back to its original look and condition.

Air Brigade will watch this one to see what impact a driver quality Porsche 912 with needs has on the median price of $51,000.

Porsche 912 for Sale on Bring a Trailer:

Bring a Trailer auction of Porsche 912
Driver Porsche 912 for Sale

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