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Member Monday: Daily Driver Porsche 356 Cab

Member Monday: This 1964 Porsche 356 Cab is in a true Porsche family whose garage contains multiple 356’s and early 911’s. This white Porsche 356 has been owned since 1973 and features a contrasting black interior. The engine is the original, stock 1600 cc engine from new.

As was common in the 60’s and 70’s this 356 served as a daily driver for the Air Brigade member’s wife until their son was born. At that time the 356 was pushed to the back of the garage and was replaced by a station wagon with wood grain cladding as was so common during the time. It was fortunate the Porsche was retained as opposed to being sold to finance the new station wagon as happened with so many Porsche owners through the years.

Once it was replaced by the wagon it did still see occasional weekend drives into the mountains, but eventually the drives discontinued and now has remained untouched for many years as the Air Brigade members enjoys another one of his 356 drivers and project cars. The hope is to start a full restoration in the not too distant future.

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