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Coronavirus and the Impact to the Porsche Enthusiast Community

Coronavirus is having an untold impact on the nation and the world and we all probably see more news on this than we care to. But, since this site is about air-cooled Porsches, driving them and enjoying them, let me speak today about the impact on the enthusiast community.

The PCA Werks Reunion Amelia Island was pulled off just in time before CDC Guidelines were issued that would have prohibited this event. It was interesting to see how this crowd of several thousand handled the event. You had some people who avoided all contact while others said: “No, I shake hands and I am going to continue shaking hands”, others fist bumping and others shaking hands and then immediately using hand sanitizer on their hands.

Air Brigade had the first 2020 drive scheduled for this week and it was decided to cancel it because a large part of the event is the socializing in the parking lot and over lunch. Some members still want to drive and will do that since you can effectively maintain a safe social distancing of 6’.

In addition to my Air Brigade Commander role, I am also an officer of the Appalachian Region of PCA and Chair the Luft Wasser Porsche Celebration for 200 Porsches held annually in Brevard, North Carolina. Unfortunately with the new CDC Guidelines limiting meetings of more than 50 people (10 according to the President) and at the request of the City of Brevard we have canceled the planned Third Annual Luft Wasser event.

I was speaking with Sara Dakarman of LA Dismantlers, a major Porsche parts dismantler, yesterday and we are now wondering what this will mean for upcoming events for Porsche owners, from Luftgekuhlt 7 being held for the first time on the East Coast to Porsche Parade. We both agreed to safety first, but since we love the social aspect and gatherings at these events it is dispiriting to say the least.

The Luftgekühlt 7 web site states that they still plan on having the event but are in touch with government officials and are monitoring the situation. Luftgekühlt falls outside the eight week CDC guideline to not hold events but the latest news is that the crisis might extend into summer so we will have to watch this event closely.

The other major event for Porsche enthusiasts is the PCA Porsche Parade being held in June this year in Palm Springs, California. PCA is moving ahead with the event but have pushed back registration for activities as the situation is monitored. The cancellation deadline has also been pushed back so that participants can make decisions as the event comes closer and more information is known.

All we can do now is to follow guidelines to maintain the social distancing and to stay inside as much as possible these next 15 days.

Stay safe and stay positive!

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