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Colorful Classic Porsches at Petit Lemans

Updated: Oct 15, 2019

Porsche 911, Porsche 911SC, Porsche Carrera
Air-Cooled Porsches in Porsche Corral Petit Lemans

Air-Cooled Porsches represented Classic Porsches with 15 models out of the over 200 Porsches parking in the Porsche Corral at Petit Lemans.

Porsche PCA PorschePlatz
Porsche Speedster, Porsche 912 and Porsche 356 in the Porsche Corral

Models present included three Porsche 356 including a bright yellow Porsche 356 Speedster, a Porsche 912, a couple of 914’s and multiple Porsche 911’s from early 911’s, 911SC’s, 911 Carrera, a Porsche 964 and a couple of Porsche 993, including one white one with gold wheels for sale.

Porsche 911
A Supercharged Porsche? What is happening here?

One unusual badge on a white 911SC was supercharged. I am not sure what the engine actually was in the Porsche, but I have to believe it was a supercharged flat six.

White seemed to be the popular color among the Classic Porsches, but there was a Gulf Blue, a rare Casablanca Beige and of course a Guards Red Porsche 911. A black and a grey 911 were also spotted. Not all air-cooled Porsches were spotted in the corral as evidenced by this yellow Porsche 914 spotted on the walk from the Corral down to turn seven.

A side trip that Air Brigade made during Petit weekend was a visit to Dick Barbour Performance. Dick is no longer racing but now has a thriving air-cooled Porsche sales business. Air Brigade stopped to look at Polar Silver over Chestnut Brown Porsche 993 that a member wanted to view. Dick was very knowledgeable and accommodating about viewing and driving this car as well as hosting us with stories of campaigning the Hawaiian Tropic Porsche 935 he co-drove to victory with Paul Newman. The trophy room at Dick Barbour Performance was a stroll down Porsche racing memory lane.

In addition to the Porsche 993, Dick Barbour Performance had a varied selection of Classic Porsches including a 911ST recreation, an original Tangerine 911S, a beautiful Olympic Blue 914 and varied selection of unique color Classic 911’s.

A purchase was not made that day of the 993, but it is on the shopping list so you may soon see it on the Air Brigade Brag Board™.

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