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Classic Porsche Owner's Manuals Still Available

When buying and selling Classic Porsches the air-cooled Porsche for sale is always more attractive if it has the complete package of the Owner’s Manual, two keys, jack and tool kit.

Porsche Classic Parts
Early Porsche 911 Owner's Manuals are Still Available

My 1968 911 came with the keys, jack and tool kit but was missing the Owner’s Manual. A quick search on eBay shows Owner’s Manuals selling for anywhere from $129 to $789. My car is a 1968 Porsche 911HR (Hot Rod) so it will never be a concours entrant requiring it to have the original manual so spending $800 for a NOS manual is not necessary.

Coincidentally, at the time of taking possession of my car, the Porsche Classic Originale #6 was available at the local Porsche dealer. As I read through the Originale Book and noted items that I wanted to acquire for my “new” car, including the classic Tire Pressure Guage, Hand Lamp (even though it is a reproduction of a 356 part, it is so cool, I need one for my collection) and an Owner’s Manual for my 911.

Porsche Classic offers thousands of parts for Classic Porsches and is probably putting a dent in Classic Porsche parts speculators on eBay as each year more and more Classic Porsche parts return to production and are able to be purchased at your Porsche dealer.

A call to Porsche Asheville indicated this was the case with my desire to acquire a manual for my car. According to James, the parts manager, I could acquire a 1968 Porsche 911S manual from Porsche. The manual is a reprint and not an original 1968 manual but it was offered at $81 with the PCA discount as opposed to $100 plus on eBay. The manual was at Porsche in Germany, but it arrived at the dealership within 10 days.

At the same time I ordered a Washer Bottle Cap that came out of Atlanta within a week. The initial inspection of my car had indicated a previous owner had substituted a Washer Bottle cap that must have gone missing with a film canister cap. I was told by 912 expert Peter Graham that this was a common “fix” back when replacement caps were not available. As I stated my car is a Hot Rod, not a concours car, but some of these little items should just be correct. This was an easy fix and the order was made.

Porsche Classic Washer Cap
Film Canister Cap (left), Porsche Classic Part (Center and Right)

My car is starting to come together mechanically and cosmetically as I make it my own. The next change is installation of new rubber bushings for the Spring Plates.

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