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Reading the Porsche For Sale Ads

Updated: Dec 20, 2019

Buying a Classic Porsche at Half-Price - Part 3

On the PCA web site they run a regular feature on deals within their classifieds. One vehicle they highlighted was a 1993 Porsche RS America set up as a track car for sale for $65,000, half the price of the going rate for a collector car variant of this car.

Porsche 911, Porsche 964
Porsche RS Anerica for sale ad as appearing on PCA web site

I realized that being a track car with high miles (for an RS America) that it would have battle scars, but that was ok. I intend to drive it and I am actually looking for a driver that I can in turn drive hard without worry of diminishing value because of a high quality paint finish.

This car had some stories clearly but it was worth looking at. I reached out to the contact in the ad and heard back from a broker who was handling the sale for the owner. He sent me the attached overview at the end of the article.

Red flag! Red Flag! In the Carfax history when the car was brought into the US it was listed as a salvage title though it now had a clean New Hampshire title. A phone call with the broker indicated that the reason for the salvage title was unknown and that the car had suffered a track day shunt during the current owner’s ownership requiring significant repairs. Assurances were provided as to proper repairs with an offer to contact the repair shop to confirm the quality of repairs.

Reviewing the photo bank also indicated that there were several rust issues. One around a taillight and one around the rear window trim, a common problem area for 964’s.

The car was clearly set up for the track but offered many of the components to return it to RS America specs. Even with the highlighted problems I was interested in the car if I could get it at the right price.

This was my chance to get my Mountain Runner for half the price of collector quality version of the car. I was in the red mist of car purchasing. I wanted the car and I was overlooking the flaws. Emotion was winning out over reason.

The next step, determine pricing to make it worth my while to buy, mildly restore and own the car. The big question: what is the value of a collector car with a salvage title? Watch for the next article in the series.

Part 1: The Journey to buy a Classic Porsche at half the current market rate.

1993 Porsche RS America Track Car

Details as Provided by Selling Broker

1993 Porsche RS America, Polar Silver, 70,000 miles

Nice RS America set up to be enjoyed for PCA DE or track day events. Presently, street legal registered and inspected. The car has never been raced. The car retains most of its original interior and carpets.

Originally delivered to Canada, the car was factory ordered with the most desirable and rare specification having limited slip, but no sunroof, radio or A/C.

Below is a breakdown of how the car is configured by component:

Engine: Stock 3.6 flat-six, K&N cone style intake, RS semi solid engine mounts, B&B headers and exhaust system. A dual outlet muffler is available. The original exhaust is not available.

Transmission: G-50 with Guard “shortened” 3rd, 4th & 5th gears. Single mass lightened flywheel and RS Clutch.

Brakes: Big Reds with Pagid pads front, 930 turbo rears with Pagid pads, HD rotors front and rear

Suspension: Bilstein GT-2 custom tuned coilovers with Ebach springs, 600 lbs front and 900 lbs rears, fully adjustable sway bars, front and rear, mono ball suspension with adjustable camber plates. Brey-Krause carbon strut tower brace.

Wheels: Original cup wheels (currently on car) with Kuhmo Ecsta 205/50/17 fronts and 255/40/17 rears

History: Complete service records going back to 2002. Current owner is a PCA Instructor who purchased the car from another local Porsche enthusiast in 2006. During his ownership the car suffered a track single car accident (2008) which was professionally repaired.

The car has never been raced.

The car is in great driving condition and is set up for someone looking to do some spirited street or track day driving (DE). It has only had street use n the past five years but it has had routine services performed. It is state inspected and registered at this time.

Mechanically, the car is in good shape but does have an oozing right cam chain gasket that may require some resealing.

Interior: The interior is appealing with only light signs of wear. It has been modified to accept a quick release steering wheel and Track Mate timing system.

Exterior: Generally the paint looks good. There is wear on the front bumper and a few stone chips on the hood. There is a dent on the passenger rear quarter panel and several other paint defects with a couple of small areas showing rust bubbles. Rear bumper has a few blemishes and a scrape.

YouTube Video of Driving

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