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Bring-A-Trailer Classic Porsche Auction Results

Two Sales, One No Sale as Air Brigade follows three Air-Cooled Porsche auctions on Bring-A-Trailer (BAT). Air Brigade identified three classic Porsches that all came up at a similar time on BAT to see how they fared at auction: an early 911, a G-Series 911 SC and a 964.

Restomod Porsches are hot in the market right now and the market responded with a sale price of $83,000, the high price of the three air-cooled Porsches that we followed this week. The over comments from the gallery was that it was a good sale and someone bought a nice car.

The second car on auction was a 1992 Porsche 964 Carrera 2 Coupe in Coral Red over beige with black RS-style Cup wheels. It was a 911 Outlaw too as it featured upgraded brakes and suspension with an aggressive look. It presented a nice package and the car was rewarded with a sale on the high end of Porsche 964 Coupe prices at $69,000. Porsche 964s have been the overlooked model in the Porsche lineup but are now gaining attention as Singer and other backdate builders have brought attention to this model’s desirability from a driving and safety standpoint.

The third Classic Porsche that we took a look at was a stock 1983 Porsche 911 SC coupe in the popular and classic Guard’s Red over black. This car was a non-sale at $35,000. It should have been enough money for the sale because it had some needs such as a ripped headliner, in-correct steering wheel, etc. The thought was that since the owner had spent the money on an engine re-build and the car had a nice sale appearance in the Guard’s Red that he was probably looking for a price closer to $40,000.

Most commenters as well as Air Brigade were surprised that this did not meet reserve. It should have been a sale at $35,000 for what it was. It is impossible to understand the motivation for an owner to be selling, but based on the large amount of repair costs invested in this car and the fact that the owner was attempting to sell, they probably should have just bitten the bullet, sold it and moved on.

Where and when are they going to find a higher price than this one? The market for air-cooled Porsches is cooling. Sometimes it is better to take the money and run when presented with an opportunity.

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