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Air-Cooled Porsches to Watch at Barrett-Jackson 2020

The Barrett-Jackson Collector car auction started auction week in Scottsdale this weekend. There will be 20 air-cooled Porsches traveling across the auction block.

Consistent with its customer base half the offerings will be the more affordable G-Body Porsches. The second largest numbers of air-cooled Porsches are five 993 models with three of them being turbos. The 993 has the buzz that it is the one air-cooled Porsche to buy. Prices are high in the classic Porsche market though we have seen prices dropping recently.

Only one early 911 crosses the Barrett-Jackson block. Beyond Porsche 911 offerings, there is one Porsche 356 and three Porsche 914s.

The high interest Classic Porsches at Barrett-Jackson include the 1970 Porsche 911T restored numbers matching early 911 (lot 1019), the 1979 Porsche 930 Turbo low mileage numbers matching Turbo (lot 1145.1) and the 1987 low mileage Venetian Blue Porsche 911 Carrera 3.2 (lot 1260.1).

I have picked these cars out to watch special because of their unique features: a 1970 911T, a 1979 930 and a 1987 Venetian Blue Carrera 3.2. These models can often be bell weather models for what direction the market is headed.

In the case of the 1970 911T the early 911’s have been appreciating at such a rapid rate in the last decade but prices have been softening in the past year. Prices are still going up but now at a reasonable rate of 5-10% per year instead of the 20% that had been the norm. It will be interesting to see what happens with early-911’s at Scottsdale in 2020.

The second Porsche to watch at Barrett-Jackson is the 1979 Porsche 930. This is a low mileage numbers matching Turbo that is a mainstay of any Porsche collection. These Turbos have seen price declines in the past year after a big run-up so it will be interesting to watch what way this one goes.

The third Classic Porsche to watch at Barrett-Jackson is the 1987 Venetian Blue Carrera. To follow on from an earlier post this week, color seems to impact price and this is a beautiful and unique color for a G-body Porsche Carrera. It is a low mileage car so there is sure to action for this one among bidders.

With hundreds of cars crossing the Barrett-Jackson auction block the audience is always bigger and watched for what the year will bring in the way of pricing. Air Brigade will follow up after Scottsdale auction week with results. For Barrett-Jackson inventory click here.

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