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Air-Cooled Porsche Selling Regrets

How many times do you see or hear the statement: “I wish I hadn’t sold my Porsche.” In most cases it is an air-cooled Porsche that was their first or a unique one that someone offered a good dollar to purchase it from the owner. Next time you think about selling that Porsche near and dear to you, wait 30 days and you may have a new thought.

Air-Cooled Porsche selling regret
The Porsche that Got Away - Porsche 911 Smurf

What got me thinking about the “I shouldn’t have sold it.” Statement was an email from a new member of Air Brigade who was using Smurrf in his email address. I asked him about it and he told me the story of owning this unique colored air-cooled Porsche that he called Smurfr but he no longer owned it and regretted selling it.