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Day One with your New Air-Cooled Porsche

When you buy an air-cooled Porsche the purchase price is the biggest expense but not the only expense of a purchase. As soon as your Classic Porsche is in your possession, the day one job is and inspection and determination of just what you bought. I can assure you that you will need to spend some money taking care of deferred maintenance from the previous owner and personalizing the car to your tastes and needs.

Porsche Inspection
Day 1 of Your New Air-Cooled Porsche

The inspection starts with the first turn of the key. What does the engine sound like and what do you see out of the tailpipe. You say that should be familiar with this from the pre-purchase inspection, but life is totally different after you have spent your money and it is sitting in your garage. My experience started with the drive from the trailer staging area to my house a quarter mile drive up a mountain.

My new 1968 Porsche 911HR (Hot Rod) sounded great, felt great and pulled strong up the mountain climb. However a green light was glowing on the dash just above the word oil. Since I am new to ownership of an early 911 I am not familiar with the lights and this alarmed me. The manual had long ago disappeared from the car so a quick call to fe