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The Search for an Elusive Air-Cooled Porsche Part

Surprisingly, Porsche Classic may be the solution for that elusive air-cooled Porsche part that you have been searching everywhere for.

Parts Sourcing for Air-Cooled Porsches
Porsche 911 Warning Light Lens

This is the story of a search for a dashboard warning light lens that one Air Brigade member looked low and high for through Porsche parts, online Porsche parts suppliers and Porsche

Porsche dash seatbelt warning light
Porsche Dash Seatbelt Warning Light on eBay for $399 versus Porsche Classic for $45

. There was not one available except through a dismantler who wanted $300 for it and one is currently for sale on eBay for $399. This is the basic economics of supply and demand; you get what the market will bear and in this case the warning light lens not available so the price reflected that.

Porsche 911 Brake warning light lens
Porsche Dash Hole after Warning Light Explodes

The problem is if you don’t have the lens, it leaves a gaping hole on the dashboard of your classic Porsche. Every time that you drive your car you see, stare at it and obsess about it. You have to find this lens. You ask, how is it that this lens is missing? There is a thread about it on Pelican Parts Forum. It turns out they explode at some point. I suspect that the warning lights generate heat and fatigue the plastic to the point a small explosion in the lens.

Porsche 911 Warning Light
Porsche 944 Warning Light Lens | Note that it says Fasten Seat Belt while Official 911 Part has Image Only

A solution for many since the part has not been available is to cobble together a similar one from a 944 since it is affordable and available, but not right. Since Porsche owners tend to be a little OCD, I can imagine that this is another case of driving down the road looking at the dash and seeing the warning light lens and just knowing that it is the wrong one.

The surprise solution to the missing Porsche 911 dash warning light: Porsche Classic. Air Brigade member TD working with Porsche Asheville Parts Manager James and Porsche Parts eventually demonstrated to Porsche Classic that there was a need and demand for this elusive part. Porsche Classic put the part back into production and it is now available for under $45 from your Porsche dealer.

Porsche Classic Parts
Porsche Classic Parts Explorer on Porsche Web Site finds Elusive Parts for You

Porsche Classic has over 52,000 genuine Classic parts in the catalog with 300 new parts added each year for Classic Porsches. Porsche defines a Classic as a platform that has been out of production for 10 years or more so it now includes Porsche 996’s and Porsche Boxster 986’s (first gen) in addition to the air-cooled Porsches that we all love and own. You can view the available Porsche Classic Parts and Accessories at the Porsche Classic Parts Web Site.

Porsche Classic responded to the this article with suggestion that when an owner is looking for a particular part that they check with one of the Porsche Classic Partners or authorized dealerships; when the parts person checks inside the global ordering computer is it is noted in the Porsche Classic demand system. This is one way that the Classic Team discovers what needs to be re-issued as part of the next annual release of approximately 300 new Classic parts numbers.

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