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Are Air-Cooled Porsche Meet-ups About Driving or Socializing?

Are Air-Cooled Porsche meet-ups about the driving or socializing?

Porsche 356 drive
LInda, Amy, Bev and Allen Enjoying the Moment | Point Lookout Vineyards

Driving your air-cooled Porsche is a unique experience but just as important is the socialization experience and the friends you make. Air Brigade started out as a way to exercise the air-cooled Porsches that sit in the garage too much, but it has now become a group of friends getting together using the driving of their air-cooled Porsches as an excuse.

The August 2020 Air Brigade Big Laurel drive featured great roads, but also consisted of six hours of spirited mountain driving with just a lunch hour of socializing. Everyone enjoyed the thrilling roads but everyone was also dead-tired at the end of the day.

For a change-up, the Commander decided the September drive would focus on socializing with a little bit of driving. This would be the first drive in the three-year existence where socialization would be the dominant element of the day.