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12 Perfect Air-Cooled Porsches in a "Car Barn"

Updated: Sep 24, 2021

Air Brigade recently visited what an Porsche Collector and Air Brigade member, Chip Perry calls his “Car Barn”. It contained 12 perfect Air-Cooled Porsches plus another dozen European cars.

Porsche 356 Collection
The Surprising Car Barn Where You Enter and Can't Help But Say "Wow!"

The owner of this exquisite collection, Chip, describes himself with a business card as a “Porsche 356 Enthusiast” so it is not surprising that the six 356’s on display represent the best of the 356 world from an early 1951 split window coupe to a Convertible D and every important 356 model after that.

Porsche 356
The Porsche 356 Collection

There is also a great selection of Air-Cooled Porsche 911’s to enjoy from an early 911 up to a mid-80’s Carrera 3.2. It is interesting to note that there is not a 964 or a 993 in the collection. The owner appears to be a real purist that the Air-Cooled Porsche world ended with the G-Body model that was still a derivative of the original Porsche.

Porsche 911 Collection
Porsche 911's from Early to G-Body 911's

The Porsche collection also contained an all-original Zambezi Green Porsche 914 and a Porsche Tractor to round out the collection.

Porsche 914 Collection
An All-Original Zambezi Green Porsche 914

The library contained every Porsche book known and was framed by a most unique Jaguar XKE Convertible said to be the owner’s wife’s favorite car.

Porsche Library
The Library To Get Lost in for Many Days

The non-Porsche European collection contains such jewels as a Fiat Jolly and a Bugeye Sprite, two cute, fun cars. An early MG and an MGA round out the British collection.

Fiat Jolly and Bugeye Sprite
The "Cute" Section of the Collection: Fiat Jolly and a Bugey Sprite | Photo John Goetzman

MGA and MG TC Car Colletion
MG's Feature as Two Cars of the Colleciton | Photo John Goetzman

To service all these cars there is a great shop within the “Car Barn” that featured a 356 Speedster on the lift. It is important to note that all these cars are driven regularly in rotation. The owner wants to share the cars with enthusiasts and recognizes that they are meant to be driven. He is now a new Air Brigade member and plans to attend a drive or two in the future.

Porsche 356 Speedster Shop
Everything You Need in an Auto Shop, Including a Porsche 356 Speedster | Photo Claudia Graham

The final element of the collection is Volkswagen as he recognizes the heritage of Porsche really started with the Volkswagen so you have this early 1946 Split Window Beetle along with a Bus, a Karman Ghias, a Notchback and a couple 60’s Beetles.

Volkswagen Collection VW
1946 Early Volkswagen | Photo Claudia Graham

Note: This is a private collection and access to view these fabulous cars is only through a personal invitation of owner and collector Chip Perry. Air Brigade was fortunate to visit when the Appalachian Region of PCA (Porsche Club of America) was invited during their recent Appalachian Adventure held in Blowing Rock, North Carolina on September 11, 2021.

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