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12 Perfect Air-Cooled Porsches in a "Car Barn"

Updated: Sep 24, 2021

Air Brigade recently visited what an Porsche Collector and Air Brigade member, Chip Perry calls his “Car Barn”. It contained 12 perfect Air-Cooled Porsches plus another dozen European cars.

Porsche 356 Collection
The Surprising Car Barn Where You Enter and Can't Help But Say "Wow!"

The owner of this exquisite collection, Chip, describes himself with a business card as a “Porsche 356 Enthusiast” so it is not surprising that the six 356’s on display represent the best of the 356 world from an early 1951 split window coupe to a Convertible D and every important 356 model after that.

Porsche 356
The Porsche 356 Collection