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Is the Porsche 912E the Affordable Entry to Air-Cooled Porsches?

In 1976 Porsche introduced the Porsche 912E as their affordable entry air-cooled Porsche as the 914 was being discontinued. In today’s air-cooled Porsche market, it may be also be the best entry-level option to air-cooled Porsche ownership.

For affordable air-cooled Porsches, you really need to look at the two models Porsche also had as the entry-level model; the Porsche 914 and the Porsche 912. The Porsche 914 remains the true entry level option with prices in the range of $10,000 -$20,000, but if you want the classic Porsche look of the 911, then the 1976 Porsche 912E is your ticket to the air-cooled Porsche ownership club.

The Porsche 912E was a one-year only model offered in 1976. The 912E (E=Einspritzung) was only offered in the US with just 2,092 manufactured. The 912E used the 911 chassis with the Porsche-designed 2.0 VW engine that was used in the 914.

Since the 912E uses the same chassis as the 911 it handles much like the 911, but with less power and weight, it is more forgiving than a 911 to drive. The Porsche 912E was also the only 912 offered with a galvanized chassis that helped to overcome a common 912 issue; rust.

As Road & Track noted when testing the car: “The 912E will obviously find favor with those who prefer a slightly more practical and tractable Porsche. It’s a car with almost all the sporting virtues of the more expensive 911S, yet its simpler pushrod 4-cylinder engine should make for better