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Air Brigade for Air-Cooled Porsche Drivers is an air-cooled Porsche online garage and Porsche air-cooled social media site for owners and enthusiasts of Porsche air-cooled models including the Porsche 911, Porsche 912, Porsche 914 and Porsche 356.

Air Brigade has a public section and a members' only section. The key element of the public section is the Brag Board™ where you can view members' air-cooled Porsches. There is a button to view the Porsche in more detail but this is where the viewer needs to become a member. Membership for the first year of the site is free (valid until May 2020) as the site builds and grows so you can see the value and try it out during its beta phase.

The three key sections for Members' Only are:

1. My Garage: an online garage for your air-cooled Porsches featuring photos and description

2. Luft Zeitung™ News & Talk: Porsche air-cooled social media site for Porsche news and talk only. Safe and secure: only user names appear and there is no data sharing. Luft Zeitung™ is German for Air Newspaper. Members can post their air-cooled Porsche stories, share Porsche news and comment on other members' posts.

3. Post a Drive & Find a Drive: Air Brigade offers an exclusive Porsche driver meet-up application for members where they can post a drive they're organizing so others can join or join a drive that someone else has formed.

How to join Air Brigade for Air-Cooled Porsche drivers.

1. Go to home page.

2. Click on login in the upper right corner.

3. Register with an email and password.

4. Return to the dropdown in the upper right corner of the home page.

5. Click on the My Garage link in the dropdown.

6. Click on Add Car and then click the + sign for details and complete the form; save.

7. Click on Car Gallery and then click on Select File; upload your photo and then Save Changes

8. Now go to Luft Zeitung™ to see that your car is showing on the Porsche Social Media site and then to the Brag Board™ to view your post.

Enjoy the site and visit daily to see the newest Air-Cooled Porsches that have joined the site and catch the latest Porsche news on Luft Zeitung™.

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