2020 Air Brigade Drive Dates

2020 Drive Schedule

Drives occur the third Wednesday of the month.  During April and September the drives will shift to Saturdays to coincide with PCA events Luft Wasser and Appalachian Adventure. The format continues from 2018:  Meet for coffee, a morning drive broken up with a rest stop, lunch and then a short afternoon drive.  Drivers can join or depart the drives where and when they choose. 

March 18, 2020:    Hendersonville Loop

  • Black Mountain to Hendersonville to Brevard using NC-9 and US-64

  • Lunch at Hendersonville Country Club

  • Second lead and Sweep:  Carl von Schummer and TD King

April 25, 2020:  Luft Wasser in Brevard

  • Hendersonville to Brevard for the days' events of parade, display, lunch and After Party

  • Second lead:  Carl von Schummer

May 20, 2020:  Roan Mountain

  • Picnic at the top of Roan Mountain to enjoy the Rhododendron blooms

  • Second lead:  David Linton

June 17, 2020:  Back of the Dragon

  • 32 miles, 438 curves

  • Drive to Marion, Virginia on June 16 to overnight

  • Drive the Back of the Dragon on June 17 and return home or stay another night

  • Second leads:  Allen Peerson and Beverly Davis

July 15, 2020:  Straightaway Cafe Old Fort Loop

  • Driving a loop from Chimney Rock to Old Fort

  • Lunch at the Straightaway Cafe in Black Mountain, a Air Brigade favorite

August 19, 2020:  Asheville to Hot Springs

  • Driving NC-251 along the French Broad River before connecting with The Rattler into Hot Springs

  • Lunch at the Smoky Mountain Diner

  • Second lead:  Charlie Hickey

September 13, 2020:  Appalachian Adventure, Blowing Rock, NC

  • PCA Appalachian Region Multi-day event in Blowing Rock, NC

  • Features drives, concours and gimmick rally

September 16, 2020:  Ferry Porsche Picnic Drive

  • Repeat of the Hendersonville to Fairview drive for a picnic lunch at Southcliff Estates

  • Second lead and sweep:  David and Suzi Linton

October 21, 2020:  Blue Ridge Parkway

  • Tour along the Blue Ridge Parkway enjoying the western-most section

  • Second lead:  Rob Cart

Bonus Event
Hendersonville Car Show:  The shows occur every Friday night from June 12 - August 14, 2020.  We'll watch the weather and try to schedule a Friday night meet-up in Hendersonville during this time period.

The drives are becoming very popular so we will be setting guidelines for participation:

  1. Maximum of 24 cars per tour with two driving groups established.

  2. In most cases Commander Jim will drive lead, but for each tour another Air Brigade member must be aware of the drive and be willing to lead the second group if numbers require it.

  3. Each Air Brigade member must be willing to drive lead in the second group or sweep at least once during the year.

  4. Members are highly encouraged to have a two-way radio in their car for safety purposes and change in plan notification.  Radios are available for purchase on the Air Brigade web site store.

  5. A waiver must be signed to waive liability of Commander Jim, the Air Brigade and members.

  6. Air Brigade is pursuing a liability insurance policy that will require participants to contribute in order to drive.  There will be a $30 annual contribution for insurance.

2020 Driving Guidelines

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