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The drives are becoming very popular so we will be setting guidelines for participation:

  1. Maximum of 24 cars per tour with two driving groups established.

  2. In most cases Commander Jim will drive lead, but for each tour another Air Brigade member must be aware of the drive and be willing to lead the second group if numbers require it.

  3. Each Air Brigade member must be willing to drive lead in the second group or sweep at least once during the year.

  4. Members are highly encouraged to have a two-way radio in their car for safety purposes and change in plan notification.  Radios are available for purchase on the Air Brigade web site store.

  5. A waiver must be signed to waive liability of Commander Jim, the Air Brigade and members.

  6. Air Brigade is pursuing a liability insurance policy that will require participants to contribute in order to drive.  There will be a $30 annual contribution for insurance.

2020 Driving Guidelines

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