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Join for Air-Cooled Porsche Social Media, Gallery & Meet-up App

Talk, Share News & Drives on the Luft Zeitung™

Come to the Luft Zeitung™ (German for Air Newspaper) for news and talk about Air-Cooled Porsches.  You can post a photo, share a comment or news and like the post.


You can share your Air-Cooled Porsche exploits online with other members under the privacy of a protected user name.  You can share your Porsche garage without the worry of people knowing your identity or where your cars are located.

It gives you the fun and information of the broader, more commercial social media sites, but without the politics, irrelevant personal posts and data sharing privacy concerns.


Join AirBrigade now so you can share, talk and like at the Luft Zeitung™.


Create an Online Garage

Registered and approved members can create an online garage for their Air-Cooled Porsches.


The My Garage section allows you to post photos of your Air-Cooled Porsches with key specs and features.  You have a multiple bay garage that will fit all your cars.  Your garage is only identified with a user name without any personal data so you and your Porsches are safe and secure.


You can view other members’ garages and admire their car.  If you are interested in more information, or want to talk with the owner you can reach out to the owner through a coded email link that never discloses any email addresses. 


You and the recipient only share contact info if you choose.

Join now so you can create your own online garage.


Share, View and Search in the Online Garage

Who doesn’t want to show off the pride and joy of their classic Air-Cooled Porsche. now makes this possible with a privacy standard not found on other sites.


Once you complete “My Garage” the vehicles automatically post to the Brag Board and to the Luft Zeitung social media feed for sharing with users.  Only registered and approved users can access and view your garage that is protected with a user name and no personal data.


The gallery of cars rotates so you can view and enjoy all the members’ air-cooled Porsches.


The Brag Board also becomes a great source of information if you are in a market for a car.  Through a protected and secure messaging system you can reach out to an owner of a car to a create a dialogue about that model of Porsche.


Show your Air-Cooled Porsche off now by joining


Arrange Meet-ups

and Drives

The new and exclusive meet-up feature allows registered users to Post a Drive or Find a Drive.  It allows you to join other air-cooled Porsche owners for a drive, coffee or a meal.


It is a very simple system to use to post or find a drive.  It is designed for ease and simplicity without requiring a user to be a “tech person.”


To Post a Drive you click on a Porsche icon at your garage and it takes you to a page where you provide details on the drive including title, date, time, duration, number of spots and highlights of the planned drive.  You can enhance the drive post with a photo.  Once you publish the drive it will appear on the Luft Zeitung News & Talk and in the Drives section of the site.


To Find a Drive you click on the drop-down arrow at the log-in or in the members’ navigation bar.  The most recent postings will show and provide you an opportunity to book a seat on the drive.  A search bar allows you to search by date or keyword.


The driving season is here, start posting a drive or finding a drive in your area with membership.


Join the Air Brigade now with a Free One-Year Trial

As an introductory offer you can now get your Air Brigade annual membership free. 


You can access the Luft Zeitung™ for Air-Cooled Porsche news and talk, you get your own My Garage, your cars posted on The Brag Board and access to My Drives to post and join drives and meet-ups with other Air-Cooled Porsche owners.

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